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This application shows how encoding, decoding and submission of Exchange Server ActiveSync (EAS) calls can be done. You can use this as an aid to learning EAS XML, learning how to write EAS apps and also for troubleshooting.

Its primary capabilities include:
  • A basic EAS request submission screen which allows you to submit EAS XML, which it will EAS WBXML encode submit to Exchange and decode its response back into XML.
  • If you export the binary stream of WBXML content from a network capture tool such as Netmon, WireShark or Fiddler into a file, you can load it in a window which will read the file stream and convert it into XML. If your networking capturing tool can export the body into a hex-encoded string to the copy buffer, you can paste it into this tool and it will convert it.
  • It can convert a WBXML in a hex string, comma-delimited hex string or integer string into XML.

This tool is very helpful for troubleshooting and debugging ActiveSync traffic for device such as iPhone/iPad (iOS), Windows Phone, Windows mobile and Android phones.

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